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The Girl Who Stole My Heart



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    Product Description

    By- Sujeet, Sonal Shirvastava

    The story portraits the young age feelings and relationships through the eyes of the female protagonist, sonia kapoor. A girl in her twenties, born and brought up by her father. She has learnt the lessons of life at a very tender age when she loses her mother. The story revolves around how she transforms from a carefree , shy and childish girl to a confident, affable and unreserved one. She falls in love with a boy (Rajeev Malhotra) who has thoughts entirely opposite of hers. He is a boy  in his twenties with a fusion of both indian and western culture. He couldn't decide whether he loves her or not, and has prejudices regarding her. Situation takes a turn with the entrance of thoughtful, caring and determined character in soni's life, who gives a meaning to her directionless world.

    Now soni has to decide whom she will chose among: the guy whom she loves or the guy who loves her.

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