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Kuch Khas Lamhe Zindgi Ke

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    I’m Karan Kaushal An Engineer, MBA student and I am a poet. I try to write about everything, from love to nature, from human behaviour to human relations. If I love you, I’ll turn you into poetry too. I was always a fan of novels, and I love reading. I was always amazed by the way things were written. So I started researching on Indian writers and poets. I wanted to be like them, and still do. I knew this was something for me so I started writing too. I started writing about my feelings. I wrote whatever came into my mind. I kinda enjoyed it so I started doing it more often. But at one point, I thought by myself, who am I writing it for? My poems were kinda ‘secret’. Nobody knew I could write. I wanted to show people my talent, so I made an instagram and facebook account with my poems. It went well but I was not satisfied. I wanted something bigger. So I decided to start a Youtube Channel named “Krn Kaushal”. I wrote longer poems and filmed myself. It performed well and Its going well till now. But of course I still want something bigger. I have still not reached my dream. I aspire to be a famous writer. But not only that, I want to do something big. I want people to be influenced by my thinking. I dont want to be famous just for people to say, yeah he writes good. I want people to adapt my thinking too. And I believe that day will come. You can reach me on: Facebook: @krnkaushal Instagram: @krnkaushal Youtube: Krn Kaushal

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