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Frightening Story



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    Product Description

    Frightening Story is a collection of bilingual poems and stories by a team of some very talented budding writers from all over the country. This book is unique with its content as it consists of some best write- ups covering nearly all the genres in a narrative form. It’s a complete package of inspirational stories and poems. The main reason behind the Publication of this book is to create love and awareness towards literature in our new generation and to provide a platform for young and emerging writers to showcase their talent. Published by WVPCUME

    This anthology is based on sorrowful life or horror. This is suspenseful book. This is not only book, this book is full of writer’s emotions and writers scary thing. Here, find different type of writers feeling.

    COMPILER- Aakanksha Raj


    1.   Annamica Verma

    2.   Anjali Sah

    3.   Aniket Khaitan

    4.   Ankit Srivastava

    5.   Avinish Pathak

    6.   Abhishek Sharma

    7.   Aaditya Nangare

    8.   Diksha Agrawal

    9.   Durva Sandeep Pednekar

    10.   Divyansh Kedia

    11.   Gurpreet Singh

    12.   Ishita Amod

    13.   Karan Vaswani

    14.   Kanchan Hiranandani

    15.   Krishna Gupta

    16.   Kamlesh Prakash Paratwar

    17.   Kaif Khan

    18.   Mahesh Das

    19.   Musarrat Bano

    20.   Manish Kumar

    21.   Madhuri Bagchi

    22.   Mohammed Abdulrahman Khan

    23.   Mohammed Sultan

    24.   Nalini Sharma

    25.   Pratibha Yadav

    26.   Priyanka Ramakant Kadam

    27.   Prashant Bajpai

    28.   Pratik Vishvakantbhai

    29.   Raghuveer

    30.   Rashi Khanna

    31.   Sarbani Dey

    32.   Swapnali Pawar

    33.   Sujit Kumar Mallick

    34.   Sanketika Agrawal

    35.   Sonali Sikha

    36.   Srishti Singh

    37.   Sailusha Gudivaka

    38.   Vimal Pathak

    39.   Yashita Bansal

    40.   Chettukindi Sathwik


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