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Pen Stroke



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    Product Description

    Pen stroke is book of words that contains amazing 40 budding Co-authors from different parts of world and different walks of life.

    They all have penned their experience about their surroundings and a variety of social issues.

    Each of these Co authors has contributed their ideology about issues which we as a society have to work on.

    It's empowering society through thoughts and power of Writing. It's always said and believed that a pen is always stronger and mightier than a sword. Here pen means feelings of writers and stroke means bitter truth of society when it leaves a mark on the paper.

    This book is guided by Mahak Jagga and Nidhi as compiler.

    These are 40 Co-authors who have put their feelings, ideas and emotions on paper as pen stroke.


    Wish you a happy reading.


    “Poets mind is like a swollen pulp.

    Pulp that contains formulas to fight war and not at all"

    - Pushpanagan Rajkirti (co-author pen strokes)

    Compiler- Nidhi Singh, Mahak Jagga

    Co-Authors -

    1.                  AAMIR KANGDA

    2.                  ABHISHEK BAMRARA

    3.                  AKHIL S NATH

    4.                  ANANT PANDEY

    5.                  ANKIT SINGH

    6.                  ARUSHI SARASWAT

    7.                  ASFIYA SEHER

    8.                  ASHISH KUMAR SRIVASTAVA

    9.                  AYAN BANERJEE

    10.              DAYA SHANKAR

    11.              DIWAKER SHAHI

    12.              DR SETHURAMAN M

    13.              EKTA SHUKLA

    14.              GARIMA SRIVASTAVA-(BEAUTY)

    15.              HARPREET KAUR

    16.              KAMLESH PRAKASH PARATWAR

    17.              MANISH KUMAR DEY

    18.              MASUNA VAMSHI KRISHNA NETHA

    19.              NIRAJ SHAH

    20.              PANKAJ SINGH BISHT

    21.              POONAM JAIN

    22.              PRANGYA PARIMITA BARIK

    23.              PRASHANT SHEORAN

    24.              PRASHANT YADAV

    25.              PRATIBHA LAKRA

    26.              PUSHPANGANA RAJKIRTI

    27.              SETU JAIN

    28.              SHAMSHER SINGH

    29.              SHASHANK JAISWAL

    30.              SHASHIKANT DWIVEDI "SHAAJAL"

    31.              SHIKHA VIJ

    32.              SHIV KUMAR

    33.              SONU RANA

    34.              SRIMANTA DUTTA

    35.              SUFI ZAKIR HUSAIN RANGREJ " NAWAZY"

    36.              SURAJ KUMAR SAH

    37.              TANISHQ BHABYA

    38.              VAISHALI SRIVASTAVA

    39.              WASEEM IDREES

    40.              YAMINI AGARWAL


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