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Rain Of Love



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    Product Description

    Rain of Love is a collection of poems. This book is unique with its contents as
    it consists of best write-ups. The book reflects that Love is that rain which will
    garnish you with its fountain and love is that choir which will amend your
    attire. It vanishes all your pain. It implies that the bond between two couples
    is the bond between clouds and rain. Love is that rain which wets each and
    everyone in the rain of love......Gives pleasure and special moments in our life.
    This rain of love is that rain which falls without a thunder. This comes
    unexpectedly. It reveals the rainbow within you. In this rain, two souls are
    drenched together and grow together, the happiness blossom in their hearts
    and sadness vanished just like dry leaves of the plants turned into new ones.
    Love is that rain with droplets of care and share it wash out your pain. Once
    you have taken shower of love, your aroma changes, and world becomes
    beautiful, and everything seems cheerful. Love connects the sky with the
    ground, fulfilling the thirst of that drought land. It quenches your soul
    unconditionally by drenching your desires. It wipes deep sorrow and pain. It
    fills from the clouds of our fantasy and drenches our soul with its ecstasy. It
    has the power of turning desert into ocean. It pours unrestrained feeling and
    abundantly invigorating and overwhelming the souls that get drenched and
    lose themselves without any inhibition eternally.
    Published by Writer’s Villa Publication (WVPCUME)


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