Writers Villa Publication(WVPCUME) is one of the Indian fastest growing publishing agency with an aim to give liberty to all the talented writers and poets with a chance to get themselves published at very affordable price.

Publishing is the dissemination of literature, music, or information. It is the activity of making information available to the general public. In some cases, authors may be their own publishers, meaning originators and developers of content also provide media to deliver and display the content for the same.

Writers Villa Publication is one of the Indian fastest growing publishing agency with an aim to give liberty to all the talented writers and poets with a chance to get themselves published at very affordable price. We are recognized as high quality book publishers who offer something for all age groups.

We publish books on a wide range of category such as Text books, Fiction, Finance, World Politics, Sports, Business, Philosophy, Religion, Novels, Poetry and many other prolific writings in English

and Hindi. We evaluate all the received manuscripts for its enthusiasm all over the world. We inform the author about the manuscript if it is selected or if any improvisation is possible. A 13 digits ISBN is assigned to each edition and reprints.

Our services include:

• Publishing: We are looking for authors and institutes who are interested in publishing their books, monographs, conference and proceedings, starting new Journals . We're trying to develop a worldwide network and a well-organized and strong infrastructure.

• Distribution: Beside our own publications, we supplies books and journals on all subjects from different Indian publishers and societies Purchase orders/want lists from institutions are welcome. All books/ Journals packets are airmailed free to any part of the World. We do not charge for Airmail Postage, Packing, and Handling.

• Book Services/Serials Services: writers villa publications cover the full range of information requests from libraries. We provide free examination copies of many serials in our catalog, with the largest selection available anywhere. We also offer libraries "sample blanket orders", covering your specific areas of interest. Serials are delivered direct to your doorstep, via airmail, worldwide.

• Title Search: writers villa publications will gladly investigate, and try to acquire, any serial title you desire for your collection. Since we maintain the largest database of Indian, Pakistan and Arabic Countries’ serial titles in the business.

• We provide many other Publishing Services to our authors or on very nominal amount to all others:-

• Publishing Activities: After you submit your manuscript to writers villa publications , a production editor will be assigned to your book. That person will work closely with you and various book production specialists to ensure that your book moves through the following stages of production as smoothly as possible.

• Copy editing: A copy editor will edit your manuscript electronically, line by line, using the revisions (track changes) feature in Word. You will then are e-mailed the copy edited manuscript and have an opportunity to review the edits, answer queries, and make any necessary changes before typesetting.

• Typesetting: The edited manuscript is laid out in pages, which will be sent to you, a proofreader, an indexer, and usually any contributors to the book.

• Proofreading: The page proofs are read not only by you but also by a professional proofreader, who corrects errors missed (or introduced) in the copy editing stage. You and the proofreader will return the corrected pages to the production editor, who submits them to the typesetter for correction. The production editor then reviews the revised proofs to ensure that all corrections have been made.

• Indexing: Depending on your agreement with writers villa publications , the index will be created either by you or by a professional indexer, working from the revised page proofs.

• Printing: The final page-layout files are sent to the printer. Four to six weeks later, freshly bound books arrive a writers villa publications.


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